Behavior Education Network Pro Member Webinar for October 2019

Threatening and aggressive behavior dogs show during on leash walks is still one of the most common problems all of us are presented with.  These issues can have such a huge effect on both owners’ and dogs’ quality of life.  The majority of dogs need to get out for regular walks, but that can become either an impossibility, a nightmare, or a dangerous undertaking when a dog’s reaction to people or other dogs gets out of control.

We previously did a 2 part webinar course on leash aggression problems in BEN – “Leash Encounters of What Kind?: Reactivity, Aggression, or Something Else?” The 3rd session of this course was two case histories – “On Leash Encounters and What To Do About Them”.

This month, we thought we’d give you the privilege of learning even more about how to work with on leash problems from another popular and respected applied animal behaviorist – find out who by becoming a BEN member!  But we guarantee you’ll recognize this internationally recognized expert.

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