Behavior Education Network Pro Member Webinar for December 2019

Have you ever been stumped about why a client’s pet is displaying the behavior the owners have called you to help with? You’ve asked what you think are all the right questions, seen the pet’s living environment, observed the pet yourself, and still don’t have any good ideas about the “why” of the behavior.

What if that pet is your own? And what if the behavior your concerned about – in this case housesoiling – is happening when your gone, so you don’t even know which pet is responsible?  You know these critters almost as well as you know yourself.  You know what to look for that might explain things.  Evidence for the typical reasons just isn’t there.    You are stumped!

That’s what had happened to long time fellow BEN member Fran Berry when she contacted us for help.  Fran thought an additional ‘set of heads’ might come up with an explanation for WHY one, or both of her cats, were suddenly urinating on her bed!

Cat elimination and spraying problems, in our experience, can be some of the most frustrating ones to solve.  Sure there are the easy ones in which all the things that are wrong with the litterbox are obvious.  Or there is constant conflict among pets in the family that easily account for the marking behavior.

But there are others that make us scratch our heads and wonder why in the world are these cats urinating in the house when their litterboxes appear to be perfect.  That’s what we explored with Fran during our telephone consult with her.

Listen to our conversation and brainstorming, and see if you can solve the problem of Felix and Flint! (the cat in the picture is neither Felix or Flint!)

Through this example you’ll learn

  • How to take a complex behavioral history
  • Options for when you are quite unsure about how to explain the “why” of a behavior
  • What to tell clients to do when there isn’t a solid rationale for a particular behavior modification plan
  • Why to be wary of “being your own client”
  • And MORE!

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