Behavior Education Network Pro Member Webinar for March 2020

If you’ve ever been asked to evaluate a dog in a bite case you know how stressful that work can be.  You likely have concerns about what procedures to follow, and how to tailor your evaluation to the specifics of the case.  How does the type of injury caused by the bite, fit with what you learn about the dog’s behavior?  What if your evaluation reveals a relatively “normal” dog without signs of aggression but the victim has an injury requiring 50 stitches?  Just as importantly how do you maintain your objectivity?  It’s easy to be drawn into the plight of the dog owner, the victim, and/or the dog.

Our discussion with fellow BEN Member Charlene included all those concerns and more.  We cover a variety of guiding principles when it comes to being involved in dog bite cases and legal work, including:

  • Your role as expert witnesses in legal proceedings
  • Differences in legal proceedings in different jurisdictions
  • Things to consider when designing behavioral evaluations in dog bite cases
  • Factors involved in the occurrence and severity of dog bites
  • Setting professional and emotional limits and boundaries and MUCH MORE

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