Behavior Education Network Pro Member Webinar for June 2019

Aggression is one of the most common and serious complaints heard by veterinarians, behavior consultants and trainers. The first thing owners need is an unbiased assessment of the risk that their animal presents to others. Owners need these assessments to make informed decisions about what to do about the problem. Risk assessments can also be ordered by courts after a bite incident, and should be performed by ALL rescue groups and shelters prior to placing animals for adoption.

  • Do you know what the scientific basis is of risk assessments?
  • Do you know how risk assessments relate to temperament tests, adoption screening tests and behavioral evaluations?
  • Do you know what formal risk assessments have been shown to be valid and reliable?
  • Do you know why validity and reliability are important?

In this 2 ½ hour course, you’ll learn the answer these questions and more. We’ll discuss how to talk to clients about the results of the assessment and how to help them make decisions about their aggressive animal. Finally we’ll discuss other contexts for risk assessment including assessing animals at shelters or in rescue situations and assessments for legal proceedings.

Whether you’ve already been called upon to conduct risk assessments, or want to be prepared when you are,  this course will give you a fresh perspective and new ideas for what to do next time.

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