Below are three different video tours of the Behavior Education Network, each showing different parts of the Members Area.  Each is between 6 – 11 minutes long.  Watch the "General Orientation and Dashboard" video first, so you’ll understand the organization of the site better before watching the other two.

 General Orientation and Dashboard

This video gives you an overview of how BEN is organized and the navigational keys on each page. It also introduces you to the Dashboard page that is the central navigation point of the website.


 Articles and Posts

This video orients you to the hundreds of articles, proceedings, notes and templates that are on the site, and gives you tricks to efficiently find the content you want.


What’s New, Tele-Webinars & Product Discounts

This last video tells you how to find the latest things we’ve added to BEN and about the Members Only webinars as well as other courses available.  The Products Discounts page lists the many products from Animal Behavior Associates available at a discount for Pro BEN Members.


Convinced that Behavior Education Network is for you?


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