December 2019 Biscuit Topic

This month’s Biscuit series is a mixture of short articles on topics that recently have hit the popular press and may have importance for those of us working with pets or interpreting the scientific literature about pets.  Our first two Biscuits discuss whether the idea of mindfulness can be applied to dog training, from either end of the leash, both ends, or none!

The next three Biscuits are about a current controversy concerning statistical testing of research results. Should we throw away the concept of statistical significance and p-values when analyzing data? Some people think so.  We’ll try to explain the arguments for you and explain what they mean for you.

Mindfulness in pets.  What does it mean?

Can Dogs Have “Monkey Brains”?

Statistical Significance in Research: The Controversy.

Statistical Significance in Research: Are there other options?

Statistical Significance in Research: Take Away Lessons

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