January 2019 Biscuit Topic

In our search for research papers to review for you every month, we often run across attention grabbing headlines about the latest research findings having to do with some aspect of pet behavior.  When we click on the link, and either read the article about the research, or even better can track down the original research paper, we are commonly disappointed to find the headline did not fairly describe the research results.

For us, this is a big problem. It’s so easy to click Share and quickly these misconceptions gain traction.  In this Biscuit series, we’ll show you examples we’ve found recently, and describe for you what the research really found, and how that compares with what the headline claimed.  Hope you enjoy!

January 1st – Neutering Causes Behavior Problems in Male Dogs

January 8th – Cats Who Have Access To Cardboard Boxes……

January 15th – A Third of Puppies Aren’t Getting Adequate Socialization

January 22nd –TDB

January 29th –TDB

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