Five  “Must-Have” Skills If You Work With Aggression Problems


With our webinar this month being “The Things Owners Don’t Want To Hear: Facilitating Client Communication In Aggression Cases” we thought we’d continue the theme on aggression with our Biscuit topic for the month.  The topics we’ve chosen are components of aggression cases you might not have thought about.  Most seminars and workshops about working with aggression focus on how to change the dog’s behavior.  But there is so much more involved when you decide to help someone who has a dog that has bitten or threatened others.  Are you making the right decision for yourself and your business?  Is your primary interest in “saving” the dog, or are you able to look at the bigger picture and consider all those who are being affected by the dog’s behavior?  Read about those topics and more in this month’s Biscuit series.

  1. Recognize and Manage the Emotional Component of Aggression Cases – May 1
  2. Assess Your Risk Tolerance and Proactively Manage It – May 8th
  3. Recognize The Complexity of Canine Aggression  – May 15th
  4. Behavior Modification and Handling Skills You Must Have – May 22nd
  5. Acknowledge Your Responsibility To the Community, Not Just The Dog and Owner – May 29th