October 2019 Biscuit Topic

How To Talk To People On the Street About Their Handling/Training Mistakes

While playing recently with our steel band at an outdoor farmer’s market, we were distracted by seeing several disturbing instances of how dogs were being handled.  We did end up talking to one person who was quite receptive to our message.

We’ve all seen people walking or handling their dogs in ways that make us cringe. Do we just walk by and keep quiet while seething inside, or do we find a way to open a helpful conversation? What you say and how you say it can make all the difference between someone being willing to listen or just getting mad and offended.  In this Biscuit series we’ll give you four quick tips on how to open the conversation. These tips can all be used during a single encounter, or perhaps only one fits for a particular situation.  Pick and choose, based on what the context requires.

  1. What’s an invitation?
  2. Positive reinforcement works for people too!
  3. How to open the conversation 
  4. The single best question to ask

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