June 2019 Biscuit Topic

Do Category Labels for Aggression Help Us Or Do They Lead to Trouble?

In this Biscuit series we’ll be discussing the process of labeling or categorizing aggression and whether that helps us to better understand the motivations for aggressive behavior.  This Biscuit series developed from a discussion on social media about predatory and territorial aggression and distinguishing between the two.  Of course there are more categorical labels we’ve all heard – maternal, protective, dominance, inter-male, fear, possessive, and more.  In this series we’ll give some examples of the consequences of labeling behavior you might not have thought of.  And we’ll talk specifically about what we believe are three of the more commonly mis-applied labels.

  1. Labeling Aggression
  2. Predatory Aggression
  3. Territorial Aggression
  4. Protective Aggression

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