Choice, Control, Predictability and Stress

We hear more often these days about giving dogs, and other pets, choices.  Should our critters have unlimited choices?  When can choice be a good thing and a not so good thing?  Here’s some food for thought.


Here are the resources mentioned in the video:

Webinar course from

What Dogs and Cats Really Want: How Stress Affects Behavior


The Education of Will: A Window on Comparative Trauma in People and Dogs

How Can Preference Assessments Help Us Evaluate Environmental Enrichment?


  • Suzanne-Dan

    March 17, 2017

    HA! Christy – blue is just for you. We wanted to teach you to focus, had to throw in some distractions! LOL. I’ve been doing color streaks in my hair now for a couple of years. It started as part of a steel pan “boot camp”, but then I liked them and actually had quite a few compliments, and just continued. More recently I’ve decided they are my personal reminder that people, or dogs, shouldn’t be judged just because they look a little different. And that diversity is good!
    Glad you liked the topic! Always good to hear from you.

  • Christy Paxton

    March 17, 2017

    Very nice! What a great topic.
    Have to say I was distracted by the blue streaks in Suzanne’s hair — is that part of your personal enrichment program?

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