It’s Time to Drop the Drive Word

Someone recently asked in an online discussion group how they might increase their dog’s prey drive.  In a field that is striving hard to be more connected to the sciences of animal behavior and learning, for some reason the outdated notion of drives as explanations for behavior still persists.  In this podcast you’ll discover the origin of the term in the scientific literature, find out why behavior scientists discarded the notion, and what is much more helpful.

Our webinar course on “Myths and Misconceptions About Motivation and ‘Drives'” delves more deeply into the subject and what’s really important – motivation of behavior.  Here’s what a few BEN members had to say about the course:

“Interesting discussion. It was a great demonstration to me on how popular methodologies for training are based on assumption not fact.”  Deb R.

“I liked how carefully the three terms were explained with examples that related to what I could easily grasp.  The narrow focus of this webinar allowed the topic to be throughly examined.”       Jan B. 

‘Interesting to learn about how these terms have been mis-used. Loved the explanation about “just” describing a behavior versus explaining the reasons behind a given behavior.”  Almudena O.”

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