A Sample of Pro Member Classes 

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“Dog Aggression Case Consultation”

“Amazing Feats of Canine Cognition:  What Would Clever Hans Say?”

“Socialization in Dogs and Cats: The Scientific Basis vs. Stories We’ve Been Told”

“Should I Offer Telephone Consults?: Pros, Cons, and Policies and Procedures Necessary for Success”

“Your Behavior and Training Business 2012 and Beyond”

“Managing Family Dynamics During Behavior and Training Appointments”

“The Bite Threshold Model: Implications for Resolving Canine Aggression”

“Introduction to Mobile Marketing for Pet Professionals”

“What We Can Learn from Serious and Fatal Dog Attacks”

“What’s New with Separation Anxiety?”

“Modular Dog Training Classes: An Instructor’s Headache or Wave of the Future?”

“Classical and Operant Counter Conditioning”

“How to Present a Behavior or Training Case” 

“Case Consultation and Follow-up Discussion with BEN member Almudena Ortiz Cue”

Special Webinar with Drs. Patricia McConnell and Karen London

“Helping with Canine House Soiling and Housetraining”

“Reactivity, Impulse Control and PTSD in Dogs: Fact, Fiction or Fad?”

“Five Steps to Prepare for a Behavior or Training Appointment”

“Mental health of dogs formerly used as breeding stock in high-volume breeding facilities”

“Ten Skills Every Trainer Should Have – and Why”

“Sanctuaries, Shelters, Quality of Life: How Trainers Can Help”

“Myths and Misconceptions About Motivation and ‘Drives'”

” Behavior Modification Techniques Other than Counter Conditioning and Desensitization”

“The Sacred Cows of Dog Training Part Two”

“The ‘Sacred Cows’ of Dog Training Part One”

“Problems Between Family Dogs Q & A”

“Unrecognized Fears and Their Effects on Behavior and Behavior Problems”

“Is ‘Leadership’ the New ‘Dominance?'”

“An Interview with Dr. Clive Wynne on Canine Cognition”

“Behavior Assessments Q & A”

“Cat Behavior and Behavior Problems”

“What’s Up With ‘Aversives’ in Dog Training?”

“Increasing Veterinary Referrals: Professional Marketing Methods for Dog Trainers”

“Making Sense of Risk Factors for Dog Aggression”

“Solutions for Barking Dogs”

Bonus Webinar:  “Developing Safe Relationships Between Dogs and Children”

“Communication Skills for Difficult Conversations With Clients”

“Preparing for Noise Phobia Season”

” Q&A session with Kathy Sdao on The Use of Positive Reinforcers in Training”

“Ask Your Most Burning Question of Drs. Hetts and Estep”

  “Do This, Not That: or RAT Now”

“A Critical Discussion of ‘CAT’ and ‘BAT’ Techniques”

“The Use and Misuse of Crates and Confinement for Behavior Management”

“Everything You’ve Wanted To Ask About Canine Body Postures”

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